• Anna


    One half of the epic eating duo #fatty. On a mission to eat all 7 Maravilhas de Gastronomia Portuguesa (and the 14 runner up nominations).

  • davesgonechina


    Former China IT industry analyst, freelance translator, Digital Librarian, Now Data Architect @ Edanz. Opinions solely mine. http://rational.agency/

  • Melissa Davey

    Melissa Davey

    Sydney Morning Herald journalist. Health reporter.

  • Rochelle Recharged

    Rochelle Recharged

    Lawyer, and Mum. Love legal things especially Intellectual Property. Love my kids more. Sometime crocheter and poet.

  • Deborah Apthorp

    Deborah Apthorp

    Neuroscientist, cyclist, sailor. Research fellow in human vision and EEG.

  • Kylee Hartman

    Kylee Hartman

    VP @ #SUPRAPostgrads/ @sca_sydney PhD Student: Film & #Digital Media/ Film: @cottonwoodfence/ 2013-14 CISA Public Relations/ Topics: #IntlEd #popculture #nature

  • Sanchit arora

    Sanchit arora

    If robots come alive, will their living be any different than ours is?

  • Carlos R. B. Azevedo

    Carlos R. B. Azevedo

    Ph.D., researching management & operations of #ComplexSystems at @EricssonLabs. #AnticipatorySystems #SustainableIntelligence @SingularityU Opinions are my own.

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